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Corporate of research Institute


INNOPOLIS Research Institute Spin-off Company Definition

A company that is established within the R&D special zone (Daeduk , Gwangju , Daegu , Busan) to commercialize the technology of public research institutes directly

- A new type of corporate model that combines the technical skills of state-run research institutes with the know-how of capital and management of company

The purpose of the founding fathers to directly commercialize the technology of public research institutions

- Company that invest more than 20 percent of their capital into R&D special zones(Article 9-3 of the "Special District Act" and Article 13 of the Enforcement Decree)

Requirements for establishment

Research Institute Spin-off Company should have a basic purpose of establishing activities that contribute to the national economy through direct commercialization and utilization of superior public R&D performance.

Purpose of establishment Established for the purpose of commercializing the technology of public research institutions
Rate of investment In order to be recognized as a research institute, 20 percent or more of the capital of the company where government-funded research institutions are established can be invested in intellectual property rights , cash , real estate , research facilities and equipment, and other transferable assets held by research institutions.
Location of company Established and registered companies within R&D Special District (the location of factories or research institutes is not an issue)

Establishment procedure

Establishment benefit

Corporate Tax

100% reduction for 3 years and 50% reduction for 2 years thereafter

Local Tax

Different from each within R&D Special District (benefit of property tax,registration tax)

The volunteer system

Pre-planning support , valuation of investment techniques , close contact growth support , technology transfer business , support for special technology businesses , activation of special zones , expansion of global exchanges , etc.